Saturday morning… Jumped out of bed…

… And got ready for work!

Yes, I happen to work on a SaturdayThat’s like the worst right? I couldn’t agree more. But a guy has got to work right? And if the only shift available is the ‘Saturday Morning’ shift, I’m going to accept it and work throughout the day with gritted teeth. Mind you, this shift is 10 hours long, not including the 2 and a half hours of commute that accompanies the 10 hours. That’s more than half the allotted time we are blessed in a normal day.


On my ideal Saturday, I would stay in bed until half the day had elapsed. I’d spend time catching up with the latest happenings online with my blogging, forums and news-stories. I would then have an unhealthy brunch that will fill me with scrumptious delight followed by an activity that would keep me distracted yet totally relaxed. I’m talking playing video games, watching a movie or having a nice long conversation with someone about interesting topics.


Today my Saturday was just as unpleasant as always. Woke up at 4:20 in the morning, courtesy of my vigilant alarm that never fails me… Apart from the time it lets me fall back to sleep… In which case, his brother snooze slaps me back to wakefulness.

So I lay awake in my bed, struggling to physically get out of bed. Instead, I waste 30 minutes of my life going through my phone and catching up everything social network considering the night before I had jumped in bed a whole while earlier, in preparation for the lousy morning of the Saturday. It’s so lousy, it even ruins Friday nights for me.

Once out of bed, I sped up, knowing I don’t have much time left to prance about. A quick trip to the bathroom was followed by getting changed as if I was part of a magician act. Within 20 minutes I was ready to leave for work, a cereal bar in hand to give me that early morning boost.

Work was a chore bore. I spent most of the day looking at a picture of the dress trying to see if it will show me white and gold or the alternative blue and black. I saw both on several occasions and I was intrigued as to how this was happening.

Apart from that, I don’t think anything of note really happened. My colleagues at work are all charming and great… but no amount of charm can do justice against the blues one faces having to work on a Saturday morning.

By the time I got home, the day was almost done. I had enough time to play a game or two of League of Legends, chat to a couple of friends online before writing this lousy post.


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