Please Do Not Destroy Earth!

Do or Die

You have three hundred words to justify the existence of your favorite person, place, or thing. Failure to convince will result in it vanishing without a trace. Go!


Please do not destroy Earth. It is the only planet humans are compatible with. We can’t survive anywhere else. It has beautiful mountains, vast oceans and a huge number of different species that live here.

I know we destroy it ourselves at times but I’m sure we will learn sooner or later and we will take good care of it. After all, it is the only county we are capable of inhabiting.


The human species is worth keeping alive because we are intelligent beings who are forever ambitious; trying to discover the next new thing. We are unlike other beings because we can show understanding and are compassionate. We even have the trait of altruism and are able to care for one another without cause.


Apart from that, Earth is full of life, joy and happiness… despite the wars and horrors we have to live with. I’m sure one day we will be able to look past our differences and live peacefully together but if you were to destroy, we shall never know if such a thing was possible.


And in this amazing world, there is such a thing called the internet. It’s like a virtual world full of awesome ideas. There are some trolls that plague it but regardless, it is a place of freedom and creativity. It would be a shame if it were all destroyed.


The most awesome thing about the internet is a network of blogs, which connect with one another through the power of writing. That in itself is worth sparing this world over.


2 responses to “Please Do Not Destroy Earth!

  1. I Could do about three hundred words but I try not to in fact I’m pretty much boring. I have a favorite city (several in fact) my favorites are L.A New York London Paris if I can afford a trip I haven’t got much of a life due to the fact I’ve made some bad choices not anything criminal it’s just me and my family we argue a lot (not too much these days) but still I want to do good but I don’t have the energy even though I don’t have the energy to ever pursue a relationship I so want one so bad personally I blame myself for being a huge pervert I mean I got some crushes on certain pornstars I do like actresses too but in these harsh times I pretty much alone playing around with the PC iPhone iPad or other electronic devices for my smut use but still I want to change to really help if best I can I don’t want the world to be destroyed just because mankind refused to change their ways I like to note that just cause planet earth has wars and destructions doesn’t mean that people are savages too we human beings make great discoveries everyday in science aviation technology philosophy among others I think everyone could have a shot in saving the world if you put mind to it. Well I got to go need to unleashed the fury.

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