About Desperado

I am Desperado.

Well that’s my internet alias although a lot of people know me as Shaki, which is my nickname in real life. My real name isn’t used much, simply because its long and kinda difficult to pronounce. I mean, nothing like a Tamil name or something (no disrespect to Tamil names) but it is still pretty complicated.

I work as a pharmacist about 3 times a week. I am working as a locum so therefore I am self-employed and as such I am my own boss. It is pretty awesome, I must admit. It also gives me time to do other activities that I enjoy such as writing and blogging.

In my free time, I also like to play Video Games, watch Anime, read Manga, watch various TV Shows and think about the universe. I mean, like… life is so fascinating, don’t you think.

I will probably add more to this because I can talk about myself for days. However, I think it would be easier just to follow me as part of the blog and get to know me better.

Yeah, I think I’ll do that.

Otherwise, it won’t be as fun.

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