Four Shadows


Now I had heard of the term foreshadow before, but it had never really occurred to me what it was exactly and how I would use it in a piece of writing. In fact, it had never even crossed my mind. When I wrote something, foreshadowing wasn’t even something that existed. Considering I like to think I’m an awesome a bit of a writer, I should have known.

Anyhow, the Weekly Challenge from the Daily Post has allowed me to give this a shot. So I’m going to try and figure this out and hopefully somebody can help me out and tell me how I’m doing.


Four Shadows

Four shadows. There were four shadows cast on the floor as the light shone down upon the carcasses that had been found. They were hung upon a tree, not far from where the girls had taught. It was a horrific scene. Four young teachers, all dead. The police hadn’t given any report but they would know what happened wouldn’t they?

They couldn’t have possibly known this was going to happen, yet they couldn’t deny they hadn’t been expecting this. In fact, some could even say, it was impossible to expect anything other than the inevitable. And the inevitable was what had occurred before them. These deaths meant a lot more than what it was being made out to be. They were bound to find out, sooner or later.

After all, they were directly involved in causing these deaths. He was directly involved.

This was a freestyle piece that I hadn’t planned out before so there is nothing more to it. It doesn’t mean anything and there is nothing more that has occurred before it or to come after it. I just want to know if this would work as foreshadowing as I think I hinted that there was somebody within the police who was responsible for these murders.


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