Archer, Swordsman, Musician, Artist and Hacker!


I Got Skills

If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick?


Hmmm… Considering I am already the master of awesomeness, I don’t really need to master any other skills but I guess being a master of any kind of skill is part of being awesome so why not.

Now I would split this up into two different categories; skills I would like to master in fantasy and skills I would like to master in reality.



Now this isn’t particularly stuff that is only capable of mastering in magical worlds; it’s more like skills that aren’t as useful in today’s day and age as they were in previous years.



Now this is probably the one skill I would love more than anything else. Being able to aim at anything in sight and hit it dead-on, I would so love that. I would feel like my mythical heroes such as Hawkeye, Green Arrow, Robin Hood and Legolas.

I know in today’s day and age, the equivalent skill would be shooting or sniping but guns aren’t really my thing. I would just love to be proficient at using a bow and arrow, never mind being a master of the skill.

I would totally go walking around with my quiver and bow hanging off my bag at every living moment. It would be like my instrument or sword…

Funny how both an instrument and sword are on my list of skills I would like to master. I guess I shouldn’t have mentioned this and used it as a foreshadow technique. Sticking to the medieval theme, next up is the art known in Japanese culture as Nitoryou; two-sword style.



I would like to learn how to fight with the sword like a frickin samurai. I kid you not, this has been one of my dreams, ever since I was a little boy.

And although one-sword style would be acceptable, I would honestly preferring owning and fighting with two swords at a time. This was before Kirito unlocked the ability in Sword Art Online. This is something way beyond that. I’m not quite sure when this dual blade fetish was developed but I would so love to master it. Miyamoto Musashi has recently pushed this up the ladder after reading the Vagabond Manga.

It may even be this usurps my love for archery at certain times.


This is pretty self-explanatory… I wish to be a Pokémon Master!




Although the title says reality, this doesn’t have any relation to reality to TV so please un-associate that reference immediately. I just realised that had I not mentioned it, a lot of people wouldn’t have even made the association but not that I have mentioned it… Ah, never-mind.


Guitar, Drums or Violin

I guess this is kind of like cheating because I mentioned three instruments but truth be told, I want to learn how to play an instrument and I wouldn’t mind which one. It wouldn’t be to play it to the world; it would be for my own pleasure, to express my soul through music.

I would just sit there in isolation and play to my heart’s content until all my feelings were no longer trapped inside of me.

Wanting to play the guitar is a wish of mine from so long ago that I literally cannot remember. I saw a home-video recently where I was still a child of three and I am busy playing on my air-guitar whilst the other kids around me are dancing to the music.

Drums I started obsessing over when I realised I loved rhythm in all its forms. I would bang on the table with my pens in school, beat-box as I walked around the house and sometimes a beat just randomly plays in my head without me even realising.

I can recognize a song playing in the distance by the faintest of sounds because I can identify the basic beat and that triggers the song in my head.

Violin is something more recent and the credit would have to go to Lyndsey Stirling and her beautiful renditions of familiar soundtracks and her own original works.

Having recently read The King-Killer Chronicles Book 1 & 2, I developed an appreciation for instruments and the part they play in Kvothe’s life. I think it is a means to express a creative mind and soul much like writing or art.



Speaking of art, painting and photography are another two skills that would be up there on my list of things I want to master in my lifetime. However, drawing would rank above them, more specifically Manga Art. This is because it is my dream to be able to produce my own manga. This I don’t think will be possible and I shall settle for writing a novel but a guy can dream right.

Like I mentioned painting is a way to express thoughts and feeling and as such it appeals to me whereas photography I feel would be therapeutic and relaxing.



Yes, like all geeks, I too wish to be so skilled at computing and coding that I could be a master at hacking. At the mercy of my fingertips would be the whole world.

Obviously, I would use my powers for good, saving the world from the evil rich oppressors so that we can have equality in the world etc.



It would even allow me to design and build a kick-ass website for myself as well; as a bonus more than anything else.
So there you have it, my wish-list of skills that I want to master. I get that it was only meant to be one but what can I say; I am a greedy bastard!


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