The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway


Enough Is Enough

When was the last time you were ready to throw in the proverbial towel? Did you end up letting go, or decided to fight on anyway?


I say this in the most metaphorical way possible because I despise the cold with a passion. Almost as passionately as I hate the fog… I say almost but it’s not quite there yet.

I often come close to boiling point as I can easily get frustrated but that is usually during the beginning of an argument but if I hold on for that initial moment, I realise that I settle down and begin to see things more logically, become reasonable and keep my self-respect.

Such an instance just happened yesterday but with this one, I think perhaps I should have said more but I decided to remain quiet about it.


Basically, I was working in the Pharmacy I usually work at and despite having tons of work piled on from the previous two shifts that was left for me, I was expected to pick up the responsibility of an additional job that was  actually the responsibility of the stand-in manager. I explained to her in a logical manner that with the work I am to do, it will not be possible.

Despite my thorough detailed explanation of what would be possible in the time remaining of my shift, she turned to the assistant who works at the pharmacy and declares that the additional work must be done and she’s off home. The words, “What A Professional Twat!” came to mind.

I was about to say, “What part of the English language can you not understand?”, but then I thought I would not get anything out of this besides my own satisfaction so I just gave a nonchalant shrug and carried on doing my work. I did rant to the assistant once she was gone claiming she was beyond unreasonable but hey, that’s just the minimum you can expect right.

I bet you’re thinking where does the ‘throw in the towel’ part come into this. You see, for a moment I was about to do explode at her and vent my frustration at her lack of management and understanding. But then I did an Elsa and let it go. I didn’t care anymore whether she liked it or not. I was just going to do the work I was supposed to do; the essentials. She may have a word with me about it tomorrow or complain about it to somebody else but I don’t really care anymore…


Losing my cool for me is the same as throwing in the towel. It’s like giving up and not staying true to what you believe in. I don’t think venting out your frustration is very professional and I would rather remain dignified and disciplined rather than throw in the towel. It’s better to remain quiet and ignore toxic people like this manager I had the unfortunate experience of working with.



6 responses to “The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

  1. I almost lost my cool yesterday too. a guy was condescending. But I kept quiet and kept my dignity. 🙂

    • Well done. I don’t think its worth stooping down the other persons level when they do something wrong. We should keep our dignity and know its better to ignore them.

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    • Thanks for the feedback. There’s actually a story behind that phrase from my days in university. I guess it stuck with me. And yeah, let out go fits as well. I’ll check yours out.

  3. Oh I argee with you I hate the cold especially snow I mean there some parts of winter I like but again I can’t deal with the cold it’s too much I walk too damn slow on slushy sidewalks it’s embarrassing and to top it off I’ve read an article about New York City soon to be going underwater in about hundred years due to this climate crap I really hate the future but I much hate winter the same this is why I want to move back to New York not because of the climate madness but cause I miss being in New York I was born raised but I move to jersey of all places go figure so yeah I’m angry and depressed about Manhattan and the other 4 bourghs why is bad news really hurts us when we’ve got something good to show people.

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