For the Love of Writing…

This might come across as being a bit sad but I’ve been looking forward to writing a new post today based on what the guys at the Daily Post offered.

After waiting for a large part of the day and becoming flustered, I realised that there was no need to wait if I wanted
to write. I could just give myself any random prompt to write about.

Being given a prompt is always easier and it’s fun comparing what others have written about but truth be told, there is no reason to wait if you want to write. You should just write whatever thought may be hanging on your mind.

I mean I say it all this all the time to other people and I know this but it took a revelation for me realise this for myself.

Right now I think this would be the best thing to write about because it’s fresh on my mind and I feel like sharing it at this very moment. If I don’t write about it now, it may slip my mind or grow stale later.

A friend of mine advised me to invest in a notepad so that I can note each and every idea that comes to mind. These could later become prompts for me to write about. The year has started well so far. I am posting on a daily basis and look forward to it every day of the week.


So if you’re like me and wait upon the daily prompt before writing your daily post, then for the love of writing, just write down the whatever thoughts linger on your mind instead of waiting upon a prompt.


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