Living Life in the Fast Lane

Have you ever lived life in the fast lane?


It’s just like driving in the fast lane on the highway where you by pass everything else and focus solely on what needs to be done. There is hardly any time for socializing or personal time. Everything is related to your career of choice.

Now I’ve never done this before and nor do I plan to do so, unless it’s something I undoubtedly enjoy. I prefer living life to the fullest, making the effort to enjoy each and every day I am given the chance to live. It might come off as a bit cheesy but that’s how I see life.

Yes, like others I do have my down days and even weeks at a time but I will use those moments to fulfil my selfish requirements such as gaming and watching TV Shows in isolation until I am back to my cheery self. So like I said, I live life in cruise control.

So speaking to a friend of mine recently, I realised how chilled out my life is compared to hers. Working 5-7 days a week is not my cup of tea I’ll admit. She told me how it affected her social life and the limited time she got to spend with her family.

If you want to make a career for yourself, you have got to make sacrifices. Hard work and effort will take you places; sheer talent alone will not.


I’ve considered it sometimes, working really hard for the first five years in my life and really getting somewhere before settling down and putting in a retirement plan for 45 but then I realise, I would have wasted those precious years of youth in work when I could have used it to experience life and enjoy myself.

I have my whole life ahead to work and I’ve already spent a large part of my life studying to have a lifelong career, so there is no real reason for me to go in that direction.

My parents don’t really agree. They probably thinking I’m not living it up to my full potential and I’m a lazy little git but I like being lazy and spending half the week blogging. It’s therapeutic and keeps me sane.

Can you imagine working with patients on a daily basis, every day of the week? It would drive me senseless. Not saying there is anything wrong with any of my patients, apart from the medical conditions they suffer from but it does get nerve wracking working within the healthcare service.


For all those out there who are living life in the fast lane, you have my sympathy. I wouldn’t want to be in your position, regardless of the situation. I know some people are in dire circumstances that there is no other choice. I don’t think I would be able to cut it being the person I am. I am grateful to where life has brought me and I wouldn’t mind remaining here for the rest of my life.


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