There’s No Easy Way Out

Easy Fix

Write a post about any topic you wish, but make sure it ends with “And all was right in the world.”


Once upon a time the world was suffering from problems. People were consumed by greed and one such countries government was in need of oil. You see, oil was controlled by the ‘evil people’ of the world and they charged high amounts of money for their possession. This was something that didn’t sit too well with the government of the ‘good’ country so they decided that they must attain this oil through any means possible.


They decided to invade one such country of the evil people who just happened to be ruled by a dictator who used to be an ally of the ‘good guys’. He had helped defeat the neighbouring ‘bad guys’ and was labelled a hero at one time but had recently become labelled as ‘evil’ as he would not co-operate with the ‘good guys’ anymore.

They claimed that this man and his country harbored weapons that could destroy the world, much like the weapons the good guys already possessed but they could not allow the evil leader of this country to have this kind of power, should it be used incorrectly. Only the good guys had ever used this weapon in the past and on both occasions, it had caused unredeemable amounts of damage to an enemy country at the time.


The war was carried out upon the evil oil-harboring country and the leader was captured. The country fell into turmoil and the oil was seized by the ‘good guys’. The evil leader was made to pay for his crimes by standing trial in the good guys country and was judged as evil and was hanged for his crimes against the world.

The weapons were never found and the country never recovered from the war but the ‘good guys’ won the war, despite their troops having to face the backlash of the civilians of the country who had becomes rebels. Many innocent people lost their lives for this war for oil but the oil was attained “and all was right in the world.”


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