Rocket Raccoon meets Donkey

Pleased to Meet You

Write a post in which the protagonists of two different books or movies meet for the first time. How do they react to each other? Do they get along?


– – –

It was a meeting like none other.

Some may call it a coincidence that Groot had wandered off into the swamp distracted by a butterfly forcing Rocket to drag his furry body into a natural habitat. The trip to this planet had been one for a bounty poster he had happened to come across in a galaxy far far away for a monster of some sort going by the name of Shrek. Little did he know, this Shrek happened to be ‘The Shrek’ and little did he know, he would stumble across another talking animal.

For someone like Donkey, this was a dream come true. Having lived his life amongst unpleasant talking animals such as the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Piggies, coming across a bad-ass raccoon was quite refreshing. He too had wandered off his path, talking to himself as he trailed behind Shrek. It had only taken him three-quarters of an hour to realise Shrek was no longer besides him and he was now trodding along a path that was completely unfamiliar to him.

You could say it was unfamiliar but to Donkey, all paths in the swamp looked the same. They were all pretty swampy in his honest opinion.

“Hey there, funny looking Raccoon. You haven’t happened to stumble across this big green ogre have you? You know, ugly looking; smells kinda revolting…” Donkey spoke in his casual care-free style as he stumbled upon this raccoon wearing what seemed to be some kind of gear. The Ass hadn’t expected a response and when the reply actually came, his eyes almost popped out of his donkey skull.

“You talking to me pal?” Rocket had spoken in his hostile tone-of-voice. He wasn’t in the best of moods considering his tree-friend had decided to go play hide-and-seek amongst a bunch of trees. It was going to be a very long day and the last thing he wanted was to be annoyed any further. “Who you calling funny-looking? Let’s get one thing straight… I ain’t no ‘raccoon’. The name’s Rocket.”

The Bounty Hunter from outer space gestured two thumbs to himself to emphasise his point before spitting a mouthful of saliva to the ground.


guardians of the galaxy rocket


“That’s disgu-“ Donkey suddenly realised the reality of the situation. “You can talk?” A high-pitched, shrill of a scream came out from the donkey’s mouth. “This is unbelievable. You can actually talk? I mean I know I asked you a question but I didn’t actually expect you to talk. I did expect a growl of some sort. Do raccoon’s growl or is it more of a pur? I’m not sure about that but I didn’t expect you to actually speak words.”

“SHUT UP!” Rocket cut him off with an annoyed shout, that startled Donkey for a brief moment but everybody knows, there is no way to shut up Donkey.

“Are you sad?” Donkey suddenly asked, ignoring Rocket’s plea of peace and quiet. “You look kind of sad to me. A lot of people would claim you’re angry but I know a sad face when I see one. Has someone said something mean to you Mr. Raccoon? I know what that feels like. Everybody used to pick on me when I was a little donkey. It wasn’t until I met Shrek that everyt-“

“Shrek? Did you just say Shrek? Green, ugly ogre…” The words began to paint a picture in Rocket’s head and his mind began to pile the pieces together. Taking out a parchment from his satchel, he placed the picture on the ground before his newly acquired acquaintance. “Is this the guy you’re talking about?” Rocket asked calmly. He had a knack of changing his attitude when it came to attaining important information. “Do you know this guy?”

Donkey laughed out-loud, his concerned expression transforming back to his cheerful self again, not realising that the poster that depicted Shrek’s face was one from the day’s when Lord Farquaad was hunting down Shrek.

“Know him? I’m practically family. Do you know, if it weren’t for me, Shrek and Fiona would have neve-“ Donkey was mid-sentence when a ball of rag was forcefully shoved into his mouth. It was part of a contraption that Rocket had fired and it had firmly clasped itself around Donkey’s mouth.

“Finally, some peace and quiet.” Rocket exclaimed as he watched Donkey’s eyes widen at the shock of having his mouth gagged. There was a muffle of sound coming from Donkey’s mouth much to the amusement of the furry creature but there was no eligable sound. “Now I know why I hang around with a creature who only know’s three words.” Rocket spoke his thought out-loud as Donkey continued to talk in his muffled voice.

“There is no point in wasting your breath. There is no way that you’ll manage to get a word out of-“ The raccoon was boasting about the practicality of the gadget when he saw in amazement at what the Donkey was doing.

Bite after bite, the donkey began to chew at the cloth in his mouth and swallow away, allowing his tongue to become free again.

“Urgh, this tastes more vile than Shrek’s tea. I’m going to have to brush my teeth for a week to get the taste out of it. Do you sleep with this thing under your arms?” Donkey asked in disgust as he swallowed the final piece of cloth.

“Unbelievable!” Rocket yelled out, completely baffled by the audacity of this animal.

“If you’re looking for Shrek, he was heading for the pool. I think I should be able to find it, you just have to find some blue flowers with red thorns. Or is it red flowers with blue thorns? Either way, I’m color-blind so it makes no difference either way.” Donkey explained as he started heading in a random direction.

A voice in the distance suddenly broke Rocket’s concentration as he tried to decipher what Donkey had been saying.

“DONKEY!” The concerned voice bellowed in the distance.

It was shortly followed by an equally loud exclamation, “I AM GROOT!”

“YOU’VE ALREADY TOLD ME THAT LIKE A HUNDRED TIMES ALREADY.” Shrek voice was pitched in annoyance as he approached the clearing where Rocket and Donkey had gathered.

Rocket stared at Groot in disbelief as he emerged out from behind some shrubs following Shrek. “Why are you faternising with the enemy?”

“I am… Groot!” Groot claimed in a matter-of-fact tone.

“What do you mean? We clearly agreed upon this job.” Rocket responded in disbelief, trying his utmost to sound reasonable.

“I… am Groot.” He spoke assertively this time, not willing to reason any further.

“I can’t… I just cannot believe this.” Rocket slumped down to the floor, dejected and defeated.

“What the hell is goin’ on here?” Shrek chipped in but there was no point explaining.

Donkey shared a smile with Rocket who had an annoyed look on his face as he realised, it was going beyond hope convincing Groot to capture Shrek now.


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