Islam – My Way Of Life

In Good Faith

Describe a memory or encounter in which you considered your faith, religion, spirituality — or lack of — for the first time.


I’ll start with a question…. What is ‘Faith’?


To me, faith is the utmost belief in something without requiring any form of proof. Nobody can sway you from true faith, regardless of what someone may say or what may occur. If you truly believe, it is unshakable. That is my faith in God.

I am a follower of Islam, which makes me a Muslim. As everyone in the world is aware by now, The Faith of Islam is genuinely seen as an evil by many people in the world; not the majority but many.

Islam isn’t what these people think it is. I think I would know, I’ve spent my whole 24 years in Islam and I started studying it since the moment I started speaking, and blessed I be that I am quite an intelligent young man.

I can see flaws in many things but my religion is well and truly worth following as should it be followed correctly, the world would be a great place to live.


Let me tell you what Islam is really about? Ignore all the bullshit that the media shows you and what these fanatics choose to believe in the name of my God and the prophet’s he sent to us.

Islam is about love. It is about caring and loving for each other as if each and every person in this world is sacred.

Yes, there are laws in Islam that allows killing but there are evils in this world as is difficult circumstances. Although Islam is a religion of peace, it is not completely pacifist. Humans have basic rights such as the right to live and practice their religion.

Where the literal meaning of the word Islam is peace, the meaning behind the religion is the complete submission to the will of God.


The most important person to have stepped foot in this world according to Islam was the final messenger of God, Muhammed (May peace be upon him).

Now this man wasn’t educated. He wasn’t the one who could rally up a crowd to go attack a city or anything like that. He didn’t even have any super magical powers. All he had was a golden personality. He could touch the hearts of people through the good of his actions. He is the role model for all Muslims and should they actually think for a moment to live their lives like him, they wouldn’t cause any trouble for anyone as long as they were allowed to live in peace.


Having studied Islam to a fair extent, I believe I have the foundations set in my mind. I can judge a situation and immediately know what is right or wrong. Often I hear people claim such and such a thing as part of my religion and I always question things. If I find it odd and questionable, it usually is incorrect. The times it is correct, there is usually an explanation that makes me understand why I was initially thrown off.

Many a times I have questioned my religion to test my faith, if truly Islam is the right one. Time and time again, I have been given signs that allow me to remain steadfast in my knowledge that I follow the correct path.

You see Islam is a way of life. The problem is not with the teachings of Islam but the people that follow it. Humans are not all good. There is a side to us that is the most evil thing in this world. We’ve seen it before. We hear it on the news. We try to blame different things but truth be told, it is humans who do the evil acts. Religion is not to blame for any of it; it’s the human nature that is corrupt.


There was a moment a couple of years ago that I felt my world had fallen apart. My best friend; the guy who I spent most of my life with was suddenly taken away from this world in a tragic accident. It was so difficult to accept. I still can’t swallow that truth but it made me realise that this world is an illusion. Death can come at any moment and yet we remain chasing after this world.



There is so much more I can say about Islam; how and why it is so important to me. I could even spend a month writing article after article trying to convince you that I am correct but I don’t like the thought of forcing my views down someone else’s thoughts. This is just my view on faith and an explanation of why it is so deeply rooted in my way of life. If you have any questions or queries regarding Islam, feel free to ask and I will answer you to the best of my knowledge.


One response to “Islam – My Way Of Life

  1. I respect your beliefs. I agree that it is not religion which is the thing to be afraid of, but human nature. It is that which twists religions to suit whatever some individuals want it to be. There are extremists in every religion who cause damage. It is this disparity which is one of the reasons I have no religion. But the main reason is that theories of evolution are more plausible to me. I have friends who live in Paris. When I heard about Charlie Hebdo I was concerned. They are safe. But one of their friends was killed. I have looked at some of his work and can see how it could cause offence. But that doesn’t make it right to murder him. The fallout of these events will stoke the fires of extremism on all sides. I don’t believe the Religious and the Secular will ever simply let each other be.

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