The Little Things in Life

My work often takes me to different towns, working in different environments, talking to a variety of diverse people.

Today I met a woman who was so full of life and joy; I couldn’t help but feel happy. It’s quite strange how the mood of another individual can rub off on to you. Now this girl was just the cleaning lady. All she had to do was empty the bins and mop up the floor and she’d be done.

Young as she was, I don’t think it was the career choice she had planned but that didn’t stop her from being cheerful. She joked at every opportunity she got and the smallest of things would bring an infectious laugh to her face. So much that I couldn’t help but laugh with her which in turn set her off with another round of laughter considering I had a delayed reaction to her joke.

That can happen sometimes when you’re not planning on laughing and then it dawns on you how funny the situation is and you cannot help yourself. It can be unfair on the person telling the joke because they’re left with a moment of no sell but she didn’t mind one bit.


Although her trip in the pharmacy was short-lived, she left an impression on me non-the-less. A lot more than some people I have known for a long time.

 She actually turned to me and said:

“I live for the small joys in life and live in the moment. Once that moment is gone, there is no chance to enjoy it, unless you make a memory of it. So make each moment memorable and take joy at every opportunity you get.”


Okay, it wasn’t exactly the words she used but it was something along those lines. I didn’t have my notepad ready to note every word down so I just tried to understand her message in the best way I could and this is what I learnt.


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