Shedding Skin for the New Year

New Skin

If you could spend the next year as someone radically different from the current “you” — a member of a different species, someone from a different gender or generation, etc. — who would you choose to be?

This is an interesting prompt. If I could be anybody in the world, it would have to be a Samurai Elf. I’m talking bleach blonde hair, green eyes and weilding two frickin’ katana’s. Nobody would mess around with me. I would be wild, adventurous and doing anything and everything I could possibly do in my lifetime.

That is the impossible dream, unless I play him in some kind of show or write about this character in a novel. That way, I can live him in some sort of way I guess.

Moving away from ‘Fantasy’ and stepping into reality. I think the new year is the perfect time to shed old skin and become anew. I have developed several bad habits over the years that has made me to be perceived as lazy and unreliable. I hate that about myself and I want to change.

I want to be the guy that people can rely on to get things done. I want to be organised with my work, my tasks and all the lifes essentials. At the moment I rely on my family, especially my dad, to make sure everything in my life is in perfect order. I don’t know when my car insurance is due, when I have to get my car services or even the expiry of my M.O.T and Roadtax.

Lucky for me my job pays well so I never have to worry about money in my pocket but truth me told, had I been working a normal job and having to spend it on food and groceries, I would find it hard to put food on the table.

I don’t think I am independant enough and ready to raise a family despite being married now and I think it’s time I step-up my game. It is time for me to shed the skin of this unresponsible, lazy child and become an independant, responsible man.

Life gives you a new day every day for you to make a difference but sometimes it gets difficult with all the chaos you have to live in on a daily basis. The holiday period that surrounds the new year gives you that time to reflect upon yourself and gives you that opportunity to make a fresh start.

I think everybody can improve their selves and their lives to some degree. The world is forever moving in new directions in the 21st Century. Don’t get left behind guys. Let’s shift the gear up and shed your old skins for some new ones.

2015 is the year to acheive something with our lives!


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