Reflecting Upon Life – 2014 In Review

It’s that time of year again, when you look back at your life and realise, you’ve just wasted another precious year of your life.

You only get 25 or so years in your adult life to get shit sorted and do something about your life. Wasting one of those years is not acceptable. You could have produced a baby in that time, should you have wanted. But then that would pretty much end all the free time you had hoped for in the future. Perhaps that was a good idea not to go on, on my part.

Now 2014 for me was not all that great. Yes, I may have started working regularly and earned more money than I would have thought at the start of the year, but I still feel I didn’t really push myself and achieve something I could be really proud of.

I did start a blog just before the year began and that’s been doing fairly well but it could have been better had I put more time and effort into it. I did lose a tonne of weight as well. That’s not completely accurate. I only lost 10lbs but I guess it was better than nothing and more than I expected.

Apart from that, I spent a huge chunk of it playing League of Legends. I made it to Silver III which could be classed as an accomplishment considering it was my first season of playing. But the hours I wasted was not worth it I wouldn’t think.

All in all, I guess this year wasn’t as bad as I first thought. Yeah, it could have been better but then again it could have been worse.

Adios 2014. We shall never meet again but you may merit a place in my memories.


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