A post a day keeps depression away?

I’ve been neglecting my writing for a long while now, only writing when I truly have the inspiration.

This hasn’t been working out for me considering I’ve been feeling very low recently and I don’t want this to develop into some kind of depression.

It’s been over a month now I’ve been feeling this way and I know writing has been therapeutic for me before.

With this in mind, I have decided to start blogging on a daily basis. Some of my posts may not be as awesome as I would like. Some may even be pointless and boring.

But the truth is, this will be more for me than anything else. I’d rather write out my thoughts and feelings than have to end up paying my hard earnt money for a counsellor later down the line.

It’s an investment for my future sanity. I hope this works and if I pick up some readers along the way, that would also be great.

I don’t know for definite that this will work. It’s more of a trial and I’m hoping this works out more than anything else.

The new year is around the corner and I don’t know a better time to make this commitment.

My journey to joining the “Postaday Club”.


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