10 Minutes of Awesomeness!

Ready, Set, Done!

Our ten-minute free-write is back for another round! Tap away on whatever comes to mind, no filters attached. (Feel free to edit later, or just publish as-is).


This, I must admit is very interesting. To write whatever comes to mind is an interesting topic to write about. Well it’s not really a topic but I like to write without thinking. It’s just following where my thoughts go. You and I can both read my thoughts as they enter my head.

 To be honest, I am not sure where this is going but I would like to find out.

Ten minutes is a lot of time to write in; especially when you’re in the mood to write and you don’t really have a topic to write on. So I am literally writing words as they pop in to my head. I guess it could turn out really bad where people read this shit and are thinking to themselves, “What in the world is wrong with this lad… It’s like he’s talking to himself.”

Truth is, I do talk to myself a lot. Not out loud, God no! What do you think I am? Crazy?

Well, truth be told, I am a little crazy but a better word would be a weird or perhaps even different. I think I prefer different. Not like I want to part of the crowd anyway, unless when I’m walking outdoors away from the sanctuary that is my room.

You see, I can sometimes feel awkward in social sitatuations when I am the center of attention and in such circumstances, I like to blend into my surroundings like a chameleon. I prefer not to know I was ever there. Although sometimes it hurts when people don’t realise and you think to yourself, “Am I really that unimportant? Would people even miss me if I wasn’t there?”

But I’m not completely depressed. I like to think I am smart, witty, charming and funny to some extent and that my friends appreciate for who I am. If you guys are reading this, you don’t have to say anything. I know I am awesome. Thanks for making me feel that way.

Oh wow, this is getting a tad bit emotional now. Might even shed a tear for this… No, sorry not happening. My tears are far too precious. I save them for deaths in TV Shows and Anime.

Ten minutes are almost up. Only two minutes to go. I think I’ll wrap it up now.

How do you wrap up a topic that wasn’t a topic and was literally you running your hands along the keyboard typing every word that drops in to your mind. Funny thing is, sometimes you can change the word as you type because your thoughts are slower than your hand speed so you can sometimes think of a better word to replace it and feel like a genius.

Ok this is it. I am ending it now.

Final minute to go.

I can’t believe I actually wrote 500 words in a 10 minutes. That’s like 50 words a minute. God, what a gift!

And Time Is Up!

– Shaki ‘The Desperado’ Ali

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2 responses to “10 Minutes of Awesomeness!

  1. I love this! I swear most of this is exactly what I think … When I’m talking to myself :|, but sometimes I get carried away and might say a word or two out loud, and soo I just hope that nobody heard meeee randomness lmao! This is a awesome idea tho.. 10 mins. Love it!

    • Haha! Thanks Anisa. Appreciate the kind words and encouragement. I do talk in my head sometimes so often that I find it weird to actually hear my voice when I let the words out.

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